EDS is a company focused on turning your projects alive.

  • … from single components/equipment – to high-volume production…
    If you have an idea we can make it true.

  • We create equipments that can be tailored to your requirements
    in order to make your day-to-day life easier

  • We are able to recondition existing industrial equipment in order to meet new requirements.

  • … from single components/equipment – to high-volume production…
    If you have an idea we can make it true.


The Company was established in 2013, at Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. Its main purpose is to offer to the industrial sector better developing solutions both for products and services. Reaching maximum efficiency and rapid implementation.

During the projects and the creation of new partnerships, other possible fields of intervention were identified that started in the first half 2015. The main areas of intervention are food industry, automotive industry and ventilation systems.

Technical consultancy services for development projects, R&D or I&D, ergonomic studies, rendering 3D from both images and videos CAD & CAM.
Creation of customized industrial equipment, extraction system, fixed/dynamic templates, testing jigs, validation, industrial furniture.
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Who we are

Working to always ensure excellent execution, quality of service, innovation and rapid response, we see ourselves, now and in the future, as excellent partners concerning our customers business and projects development. This goal can be achieved through strong relationship based on confidence in our work.
EDS has the ambition to evolve from a regional Start-up to a national structure possibly international, always keeping close contact with its customers. EDS’s main mission is to support its partners in the development of engineering solutions, while guaranteeing competitiveness, quality and originality.


Focused on doing “non-physical” services – which may include – supply of services directly at the customer (consultancy) or through our office, on developing solutions CAD/CAM, finite element analysis, studies on ergonomics, creation of static and dynamic renders, development 3D and creation of drawings 2D.
This part complements “EDS Thinking” for the execution/creation of the works previously developed by itself or by the customers.


Air extraction systems

Re-forming System

Validation Jigs


We might have it hidden…
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email: info@eds-pt.com

Mobile: +351 96 791 55 69

Telephone: +351 22 781 11 90

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